Do both of us have to take this supplement?
For the best chance of success, we recommend that both partners take the Conceive pills during the same time period.

Is a female able to take the male product?
The answer is "no." Both of these items are created just for males or females. The incorrect product could not work at all or it could even decrease your fertility level.

How much should you take?
The suggested amount is 1 pill twice a day (typically in the morning and at night). Every bottle contains sixty pills which should last for the month.

How much time will it take for me to become pregnant?
Since it is a totally organic herbal supplement, it needs to gradually build up in your body. Men and woman using this product will reach maximum fertility levels within three weeks of use, and usually conception will occur at any period between then and three months from then. With the most difficult situations, it could be as much as 6 months.

How frequently should we be having intercourse?
Ovulation nearly always occurs between 13 to 16 days before the upcoming day of your period. This is when you are at you peak fertility level and most likely to conceive. It is possible for healthy sperm to live in the vagina for fours days, but an egg lives for just a single day. For the best chance to conceive, we recommend you have sex often between 13-19 days before your normal period date.

Are there any possible side effects to look out for or be concerned about?
Both of these formulas are basically well accepted and you shouldn't have any bad side effects, but if you experience any bad reactions at all, we advise you to stop using the pills right away and see your physician or health care expert. For those who suffer from a serious health condition or who take medicines regularly, it is recommended that you go over the list of ingredients with your physician or medical provider before use.

What payment options are available?
The simplest and most secure way of placing your order is to use your credit card via the Internet, taking advantage of our 256 bit secure ordering page. However as an alternative, you can get in touch with one of our friendly representatives to talk about various ways to pay, such Western Union or a bank transfer.

How much time does it take to receive my order?
Delivery times will vary depending on your exact location and the type of shipping you pick, but orders are generally processed for delivery and dispatched within 24 hours. Each order is shipped directly from New Zealand. We have two shipping choices which can be selected as soon as you proceed through to the billing page:

* "Airmail" - usually takes 5 to 12 days,
* "Express courier" - usually takes 2 to 5 days and has a tracking number included.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Of course, we surely do. We think that every woman has the right to have her own child if she wants to and we feel strongly about it. So we have made the decision to do something different than the usual promises, and we guarantee that if you are not pregnant within 6 months of using our fertility pills, we will return all of your money and we won't ask you any questions. Only 1% of our clients do not become pregnant within three months.