STD Related Infertility

Ah… Venus, the Goddess of Love. The name speaks of love, and the origin for the dreaded words “venereal disease.” Two words no sane human wants to hear.

The name speaks of love, and the origin for the dreaded words “venereal disease.” Two words no sane human wants to hear.

Around 56 million Americans have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and the numbers are growing by the year. STDs are not to be taken lightly. In many cases, if caught early on, an STD can be cured, avoiding many long term problems which include infertility. Below is an overview of a couple of the different STDs that can cause infertility and/or sterility. Know that if you suffer from any of the listed STDs, your chances of not being able to conceive grow which each day of not getting treated. If you have suffered from any of the below, contact your physician and see what you can do.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is actually a complication of gonorrhea and chlamydia. Symptoms of PID include vaginal discharge, abdominal tenderness and fever and the actual infection involves the uterus, falopian tubes and many of the other reproductive organs of the female. PID is a serious condition that requires antibiotics and possible hospitalization. If Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is left untreated or not treated immediately, a woman could very possibly become infertile and in more severe cases, sterile.

Gardnerella (Bacterial Vaginitis)
Even though research is ongoing, this ‘STD’ is associated with inferility, PID, low birth weight, tubal pregnancies, and preterm labor. I write ‘STD’ in quotes because this is not technically a sexually transmitted disease, but it is a bacterium a woman can pick up from a man, however not in all cases

This is easily treated by taking a sample of the vaginal discharge, and then, if infected, the female is treated with antibiotics. Men can carry the bacteria but seem to not be affected in any way as a carrier. Any in several cases, the female might not even know she is affected with BV. Those that have symptoms will have a sticky, grayish vaginal discharge which has a strong fishy odor, particularly after sex.

Gonorrhea and several other STDs are not the direct cause of infertility; however, as listed above, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is a symptom of many of the more well-known STDs. PID is a serious condition and when compounded with the sypmtoms of the actual STD, you are taking your life into your own hands. Syphlis will cause heart failure, liver failure, kidney shutdown and many other problems you would generally not link to having had sex with an infected partner.

Remember, the only 100% effective method of not getting a sexually transmitted disease is to practice abstinance until after marriage. After marriage, the couple must remain completely monogamous. Even though I do not particularly condone pre-marital sex, if you are going to practice it, take charge of your body and your future by practicing safe sex.

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